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Aug 16, 2019

Josh Trent spent his youth eating everything he could get his hands on in order to deal with his emotions. Even after getting in to shape, Josh worked a job that he knew would never fulfilling his soul. Years of self-hate and spiritual death later, he decided enough was enough, and founded Wellness Force Radio, the top-ranked iTunes podcast about the discovery of physical and emotional intelligence in us all. Hear how Josh has learned to harness his vulnerability into living a courageous life.




Who is Josh Trent? [3:33]

Committing spiritual suicide & truth bubbling up [7:41]

Self-sabotage when things are going well [9:42]

“Have the courage to trust love one more time” [15:15]

Do we attract the exact kind of person to help us grow? [17:31]

The healing benefits of Ayahuasca [21:16]

Enjoying the mysteries of the universe [30:57]

Experiences in public nudity [32:22]

Vulnerability is strength [39:25]

What is Josh Trent’s Best Life? [40:46]


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