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Aug 21, 2019

With a hobby YouTube channel, Amy Young found herself with a lot to say on the subject of relationships, and with a dedicated following ready to listen. She quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the world of life and relationship coaching, with an approach that centers on becoming the best version of yourself before inviting anyone else in to your life. Amy may not be a relationship expert, but she knows the tools to help you become an expert of the relationships in your own life.




Finding her way to coaching and Instagram [2:59]

What are the qualifications for a relationship “expert” [5:51]

Recognizing unhealthy relationships start with you [11:12]

Societal prejudice and shame against single women [13:52]

Facilitating conversations about boundaries by prioritizing YOUR needs [18:26]

Balancing compromise for the sake relationship and putting yourself first [23:57]

Establishing a culture within the relationship [29:26]

Drawing a line in the sand too early and “waiting for your king” [32:12]

Advice for older women who are scared to get back in the game [37:26]

Amy’s relationships and impostor syndrome [44:08]

Social Media’s role in a relationship [49:02]

Amy’s Best Life [54:43]


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