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Aug 28, 2019

Neghar Fonooni began her career as a fitness coach and personal trainer, but the universe had more plans for her. Always the nurturing spirit, she soon found her way to spiritual coaching, tarot reading, illustrating, writing, and helping womxn identifying humans liberate themselves in a society working to keep them down. Even after run-ins with countless narcissists, Neghar chooses the Best Life every day, and wants to help you choose it, too.


Neghar’s fitness background and always taking the next, scary step in business [3:04]

Misconceptions about Tarot, and when to get a reading [9:04]

Managing the middle ground of changing your business [11:27]

Messages from the universe and surviving on bread-crumbs in relationships [15:03]

Mixing and complementing talk-therapy with energy healing [26:11]

How to heal from relationship trauma [28:48]

Escaping a relationship with a narcissist [35:04]

Narcissism as a cultural phenomenon and our attraction to them [45:24]

Support for a loved one in a relationship with a narcissist [48:29]

Moments of shame and blame for staying [51:03]

Calling in the same kinds of mess you coach others through [53:07]

What Neghar has learned and new things to look for moving forward [59:39]

What does the Best Life look like to Neghar? [1:12:49]


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