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Sep 4, 2019

The time has finally come for The Best Life listeners to meet a very special guest… Danny’s boyfriend, Jeff T.

Danny and Jeff sit down to tell us all about their relationship: how they met, how they travel together, and how they put the relationship on fast-forward with drunk confessions and radical honesty.

Fate brought them together, but they know that to make a relationship work, communication is the most important key.


Starting from the very beginning: bumble, first dates, and getting deep [2:06]

The pain of divorce, and relearning the dating game [11:05]

Societal pressures and deal-breakers [14:46]

A series of serendipitous moments and a date at the Egg House [21:36]

Things moving along quickly & the “A Walk To Remember” principle [27:36]

Getting Danny to stop moving around [30:34]

A drunken discovery and working through deceit [34:28]

Practicing radical honesty above all else [55:48]

Advice for women to open up the door for more honest conversations with men [58:37]

The infamous Nude Bike Ride [1:02:56]

Danny’s quirks and sperm-family [1:16:39]


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