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Sep 6, 2019

In order to live the Best Life, we have to take radical responsibility and trust ourselves, but just because we know these things, it doesn’t mean they’re easy to accomplish. What does “self-trust” even mean, and how do we begin the process of building that confidence in ourselves to handle whatever comes our way? In this episode, Jill teaches 4 ways we can practice trusting ourselves, so that we can handle anything coming our way when the shit gets really real.


How to earn self-trust [3:24]

What do you do when shit hits the fan? Let go of control [7:39]

Showing up in integrity [11:00]

Building confidence by getting through hard things [13:03]

Vulnerability PR’s and sitting in discomfort [16:49]

Engage in hard conversations [21:49]

Growth Mindset: looking forward to challenges [28:48]

Learning discernment through experience [32:45]

A quick re-cap [40:18]


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