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Sep 11, 2019

Due to social media, the state of things seems to be growing more grim by the minute. We have unlimited access to news from every part of the world, and much of it is designed to send us in to a panic. We are burdened by the misfortunes of others, and the thought of celebrating victories in our own lives fills us with guilt, shame, and even fear that goodness will be taken away. Danny and Jeff talk about the guilt we are prone to feel, and combatting feelings of helplessness by showing up in our own lives.


Respecting your feelings at all points of the process [1:59]

The right way to respond to bad things in the world [4:54]

Rings of responsibility: focusing on yourself first [8:43]

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t and falling into a trap for your own unhappiness [12:41]

No one can have the exact same experience and perspective [16:14]

Too much empathy can be paralyzing and feelings of unworthiness [19:47]

Superstitions about acknowledging happiness [24:41]

Taking care of yourself before you can help anyone else [27:36]

What is within your circle of influence? [35:31]

Point of view versus opinion [40:17]

Being present is the greatest way to make an impact [44:52]


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