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Sep 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered how every author seems to have a “#1 Bestselling” book? Or how some influencers seem to grow their accounts by thousands of followers in just a few days? We’ve all seen enough causal pictures of manicures in front of Mercedes Benz steering wheels to know something strange is happening. Danny and Jill want to expose the facades that so many Instagrammers sell to us. After all, why should we buy a lifestyle from someone who isn’t living it themselves?


Establishing yourself and brand in your local area [3:42]

What does “Best-selling author” even mean? [7:56]

Growing an audience, buying followers, and early engagement [12:51]

Follow for follow [19:46]

Going viral and buying ads: a lot of followers vs. quality followers [21:52]

Showing the person behind the mask [28:23]

The illusion of lifestyle [30:28]

WHY are we viewing material items as levels of success? [37:48]

Shame around sharing success [44:06]

Stretching the truth about money [49:38]


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