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Sep 20, 2019

After the devastating loss of her husband, Christina Rasmussen had to relearn how to get by in the world. For years she merely survived, but knew there had to be a better way; she soon realized it was her goal to help others through the grieving process. Grief comes in many forms, be it a literal death, the loss of a relationship, being fired from a job… the end of a way of life. We have to acknowledge these losses—invisible or otherwise—in order to heal and “plug-in” to a new, better future for ourselves.


Christina’s story of heartbreak [2:16]

Resigning from her job to live life beyond just survival [9:12]

Taking a chance on a dream to help others through grief [16:32]

What part of ourself is the “survivor self”? [20:52]

Types of grief other than death: “Invisible Losses”[23:37]

Abandonment in your relationship, and the perils of denying the grieving process [29:51]

Naming your demons in order to heal from them [34:09]

Preparing for loss vs. being blindsided by it [38:36]

How to cross from surviving to thriving [45:09]

The magic of the Plug-In [49:14]

Moving on to the next life after a relationship ends [54:31]

Does time heal all wounds? [1:01:48]


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