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Sep 29, 2019

Bobby Maximus is widely known for his time fighting in the UFC, but his work is much more than that. After spending his youth at the mercy of bullies, he knew that the only way to get ahead is to get physically and mentally stronger than those who want to torture you. Now he spends his time helping people use fitness to become the best version of themselves, all while taking down bullies, self limitations, and redefining what it means to be a man in the 21st century.



Finding his way to fighting and to strength training [2:05]

Fighting in the UFC: keeping up the brain along with the body [6:32]

Can you become complacent if you’re satisfied with your body? [11:54]

Controlling your own inner monologue [14:11]

The difference between THE truth and YOUR truth [19:05]

Toxic masculinity and not taking it personally [23:49]

When does masculinity become toxic? [27:42]

Where does toxic masculinity come from? [33:01]

Standing up to bullying and injustice [36:24]

Why some men want to feel “needed” [41:59]

Are men under attack? [45:19]

Practicing sticking up for yourself and others [47:09]

You teach people how to treat you [52:31]

Healthy debate vs. haters [1:01:23]


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