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Oct 3, 2019

Elizabeth Faye is a hairstylist, turned hairstylist educator, turned CEO of a hairstyle education company. Above all, however, Elizabeth is a woman in the 21st century who has had struggles with her self-esteem and relationship with her body. Much like all of us, she wanted to feel beautiful and went to extremes to do so, but soon learned her most important lesson yet: you can’t hate yourself skinny. Elizabeth and Danny talk about societal pressures, plastic surgery, and body acceptance in a judgmental world.




Finding her way to hairstyling [2:37]

Marriage, divorce, and wanting to feel beautiful [10:41]

The grey areas of body modification [15:31]

Surgery can’t fix body hate and dysmorphia [18:37]

How a mind changes (or doesn’t change) after massive body transformation [24:42]

Wanting to change your body, but not wanting to feel you have to [29:46]

What would you would tell your former self? [33:10]

How Elizabeth learned to love her body [35:55]

How public nudity aids in body acceptance [39:07]


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