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Oct 9, 2019

Renelle Nelson is back with more wisdom and wittiness to help us understand infidelity even further. Renelle knows that  intimacy begins outside of the bedroom, and in order to heal, “me” must come before “we.” The three things that end relationships the fastest are judgments, assumptions, and resentments, and being able to recognize them before thy run rampant can be the difference between a happy ending and a traumatic one.





Learning more about infidelity and wanting to stay [1:06]

Using EMDR to process trauma [4:54]

Common symptoms and patterns [8:34]

An unwillingness to move past betrayal [13:21]

Healing separately & how the door to betrayal gets opened [14:57]

“Micro-cheating” [20:43]

Judgments, assumptions, and resentment [23:19]

Different cultures’ responses to infidelity [29:14]

Dealing with self-righteousness, egos, and meeting in the middle [30:41]

Whats the right way to communicate? [35:05]

Intimacy starts outside the bedroom [40:52]

Intimacy after an affair [45:10]

Giving time to heal [47:26]


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