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Oct 11, 2019

Kelli Tennant used to live her life based on a script written by somebody else. After years of denying her true purpose, her body revolted and she soon discovered that the regular remedies just wouldn’t cut it anymore. Kelli quit her TV journalism job, began to focus her career on living wild and free, and started helping other women heal. She and Jill discuss self-worth, relying on validation from others, and how to create and commit to an unconventional life.




Learning to be okay without someone else’s validation [2:25]

Filling personal emptiness with attention from others [9:20]

Kelli Tennant’s story and the effect of TV fame has on your sense of self [11:44]

Untangling your self-worth from your looks [17:14]

Finding a new way to derive a your sense of worth [22:06]

Why is it so hard to receive? [29:26]

Creating freedom outside of societal expectations [34:14]

Physical manifestations of living inauthentically [44:11]

How to start finding your own freedom & communicating clearly [50:21]


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