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Oct 18, 2019

You might know Jamie Eason Middleton as one of the OG’s of the fitness industry. At a time when fitness was dominated by men, she stepped in and showed that being strong is just as beautiful and attractive on women. Now a mother of 2, Jamie has learned to prioritize what really matters, while still maintaining a flourishing business. In this episode, Jamie discusses the benefits of weight training, making integrity moves, how pregnancy and aging affected her business, and how to make fitness a lifelong journey.




On being “the OG” [1:07]

The landscape of the fitness industry at the beginning [4:51]

Making moves outside of your integrity to get ahead [7:15]

How to start making your own money, rather than sponsorships [13:59]

Dealing with multiple people asking for your attention [20:31]

How pregnancy affected Jamie’s fitness and business [23:56]

Postpartum fitness [31:49]

It’s never too late to begin your fitness journey [34:29]

How aging affects her brand and her life [38:46]

Enjoying your own beauty [44:44]

What grabs Jamie’s attention on social media [45:52]

What does Jamie Eason Middleton’s Best Life look like? [50:11]


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