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Oct 25, 2019

With so much of our social interaction happening online these days, the line between an innocent friendship and dangerous flirting has become blurred. When is a fire emoji JUST a fire emoji, and what is it that makes a DM dangerous? Danny and Jill discuss what constitutes “micro-cheating” and that while it is important to stay aware, insecurity is unattractive and can cause more harm to a relationship than good.


Knowing the intention behind “likes” [3:36]

Giving your S.O. a reason to be insecure [6:25]

Having friends of the opposite sex [9:52]

“Back-burner” relationships [16:07]

Snapchat red-flags [21:04]

Why your partner won’t post about you [22:00]

Re-analyze your commitment [24:34]

Emotional cheating: connection with someone other than your partner [26:48]

Dealing with jealousy of opposite-sex friends [27:28]

Following people you used to date [29:32]

Insecurity is unattractive [34:21]


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