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Nov 1, 2019

Chalene and Bret Johnson have created a fitness-focused business empire, all while flourishing within their marriage of 25+ years…but it wasn’t always easy. Addiction, betrayal, and alienation threatened to shatter Chalene and Bret’s business AND life partnership. Through hard work in therapy and learning to prioritize positive communication and trust, Team Johnson is stronger than ever, and unafraid to tackle any challenge their business and lives throw at them.




Trajectory through marriage into business into fitness [1:35]

Treating a spouse like an employee [5:24]

The breaking point, and working past it [9:32]

How an addiction can be exactly like an affair [14:13]

Sharing stories of betrayal as a personal brand [16:31]

Are they glad it happened? [19:30]

Maintaining relevancy through changing landscapes & letting faith guide them [21:33]

Fear around sharing things that might offend or alienate [24:42]

Delineating business roles and keeping the marriage separate [26:13]

Finding someone who complements strong women [30:47]

Learning communication tools [36:22]


The 5 Love Languages


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