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Nov 8, 2019

Humans are built to recognize patterns. This may have been beneficial when we still lived in caves, but it is now 2019 and finding patterns is no longer life or death. Without realizing it, we can look at someone else’s life and project our own insecurities and experiences onto them. While we may just be trying to connect to others, projecting is hardly ever useful, and rarely harmless. It may be a sign of insecurity, and trusting yourself is the first step to combatting destructive assumptions.


Projecting our own patterns to feel in control [2:52]

Blindspots created by our own traumas [5:45]

How can someone know if you’re inaccurately projecting [7:02]

Trust—catch yourself before you fall down the rabbit hole [9:09]

Intuition vs. assumptions [11:39]

Projecting to look for validation [13:19]

If it’s not about you, it’s not about you [16:27]

Should you ever bring something up? [20:12]


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