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Nov 15, 2019

Dr. Tyna Moore is a naturopathic physician—but what the hell does that even mean? Dr. Moore was drawn to a medical career after her own childhood illnesses, and after first-hand experience with a mentor who emphasized the importance of naturopathy, Tyna knew that regenerative medicine was the right career path. Tyna learned how to harness her business skills and an abundance mindset to take her naturopathic medicine to the next level, without sacrificing her own mental well-being.




What is a naturopathic physician? [1:57]

Why go to a naturopath? [3:24]

How Tyna got into natural medicine [7:03]

Recognizing burn-out and how to try something new [11:16]

Managing clients’ expectations [16:32]

Overcoming self-sacrifice within naturopathy [20:37]

Business strategies and setting boundaries [26:59]

Fixing a toxic money mindset [34:22]

Facing the obstacles in the way of Tyna’s success [41:28]

Say YES and invest in yourself [47:36]

What is “regenerative medicine”? [56:08]


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