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Nov 26, 2019

To mark the beginning of the holiday season, we are coming at you this week with 4 previously published episodes all about relationships! This time of year can be stressful, and building boundaries requires constant effort, and we hope this refresher course will help you stay on track with YOUR Best Life as we round out 2019.

Ep. 4: Teaching People How to Treat You

Episode 4 of the Best Life Podcast is all about boundaries—what we need them for, why we purposely ignore them, how to set them… and actually stick to them. Through personal experience, Jill and Danny have created a simple method to keep you on track as you establish boundaries that will give you the freedom and confidence to live #TheBestLife.


The importance of having boundaries [4:26]

The 3 C’s [12:23]

  1. Curiosity: What is this about? What do I want? [12:28]
  2. Clear Communication: Having the conversation in a calm and truthful way [19:05]
  3. Consistency: Knowing your line in the sand, and sticking to it [30:51]

How setting boundaries creates trust, and being open to the other person’s response [37:46]

Final recap [45:00]


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