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Feb 5, 2020

Ashley Pardo started her business the way so many do—by deciding enough was enough at her corporate job and taking a leap into the unknown. Starting as a chef & nutrition coach, she now feels a calling to something nearer to her heart: helping introverts flourish in online business. This world may feel like it’s dominated by extroverts, but Ashley knows introverts posses their own unique skills and is there to coach you to success.




Ashley’s entrepreneurial evolutions [2:50]

Eating an elephant one bite at a time [6:21]

Balancing being an introvert with being an action-taker [13:52]

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? [19:28]

Use your expertise to get out of your comfort zone [24:11]

Learning not to please everyone [32:26]

Every person identifying as an empath [37:09]

Highly Sensitive People and developing strength over discomfort [43:13]

Placing boundaries around the things that drain you [47:08]

Real-time actions when your self-esteem takes a hit [50:57]

Ashley’s mentorship for introverts in the online space [1:00:23]


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