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Feb 14, 2020

Sohee Lee is a master of mindset and moderation. She mixes fitness knowledge with her advanced degree in psychology to help her clients change the way they look by changing the way they think. But Sohee isn’t just a fitness guru; she’s a woman who has been subject to infidelity and emotional abuse. Through radical vulnerability and the power of positivity, she has pulled herself through to new happiness. Mindset is everything, and Sohee is the first person to teach you how to harness yours.




Who is Sohee Lee, and why she decided to focus on psychology [1:13]

Sohee’s fitness competitor background [5:24]

The role of education in Sohee’s journey [9:20]

Habit and behavior change misconceptions [10:43]

Getting people excited about moderation [13:43]

The best ways to break a habit [16:02]

Common habits, triggers, and mindsets [18:46]

Black and white thinking [22:12]

What changed as Sohee’s visibility has increased [28:16]

Family support and the ignorance of confidence [32:21]

Finding a mentor and a network [37:12]

How to grow your following with the right people [41:37]

The aftermath of abuse and infidelity [46:16]

As a friend, when should you say something? [57:13]

Self-judgement on top of an already shitty situation [1:01:18]

Feeling the discomfort, and moving through it [1:04:25]

Sohee’s Best Life [1:09:49]


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