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May 20, 2020

What holds you accountable? For some, motivation and accountability come as naturally as a duck takes to water, but the rest of us might need a little more. In this episode, Danny and Jill discuss the various ways we can be held accountable in our work—be it through a coach, personal deadlines, competition with others, and everything in between… but the real secret to accountability? It’s getting clear on why you need the motivation in the first place, and finding the strategies that work best for you.


Does hiring someone to hold you accountable work? [2:18]

Expectations of perfection can turn you away [4:43]

Money as an accountability tool [6:16]

Examining the fears holding you back from putting yourself on the hook [8:41]

External motivation and competition [10:17]

Ask why you need the motivation in the first place [13:35]

Loss, process, or outcome pain [17:13]

Setting deadlines and not letting down clients or employees [21:04]

Knowing what strategies motivate you the most [23:19]

Defining what accountability looks like [29:48]


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