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May 28, 2020

It’s no secret that we fuckin’ love to swear. Cussing is divisive, but to be honest… we don’t give a fuck. When we swear, we’re showing our authentic selves to you knowing that while it may turn some away, the right people will still be here. If swearing isn’t your thing, that’s cool! No one will force you to say or hear anything that isn’t in line with your own value system. But goddamn it, we’re going to cuss, and we’re gonna have a great time doing it.


The conscious choice to use cuss words in content [2:33]

Offending grandma and suffering the consequences [6:09]

Swearing as a result of authenticity [9:10]

Assigning morality to swear words [10:02]

The choice to cuss doesn’t affect your success [12:12]

Appeasing the right people, not all the people [13:36]

You’re in charge of what you listen to and allow in your life [17:13]

Do you choose to be offended? [19:54]

Knowing when swearing just isn’t appropriate [21:51]


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