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Dec 5, 2020

You’ve all heard it before: “I know its none of my business, BUT…” The truth is, everybody is nosy. And somehow, people seem to sniff out the exact things you might feel most sensitive about. Here’s the thing, though: you don’t owe anyone a justification. No defense needs to be made about the way you live your life. When you completely own your shit and your choices, you won’t feel the need to anymore. And that is the Best Life.


It’s still the Best Life [0:48]

Strangers masking assumptions about your life [6:03]

You don’t need to defend your life [8:44]

When you own your shit, you won’t have to justify [12:26]

People are nosy [15:51]

Before you ask someone else, ask yourself why? [17:12]

Do we attract the criticism we are most sensitive to? [19:40]


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