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Sep 16, 2021

Body insecurity might be one of the most universal feelings women experience—and hey, men aren’t exempt either. Society places a lot of importance on the way we look, and the language we use to talk about our bodies often skews towards toxicity. A body is just a body. It’s not inherently good, nor inherently bad. Insecurities plague almost everyone. Maybe it’s time to embrace the freedom that comes with releasing those insecurities of ours.


The No Excuses mentality [1:34]

Getting out of the perpetual diet cycle [3:42]

The problem with “getting back into shape” [6:37]

The value of realistic & unrealistic goals [9:43]

Be discerning with your mental energy and time [12:31]

You can’t judge someone’s health by how they look [13:55]

Examining the value you get out of your physique [18:23]

Insecurities are not objective [22:32]

The freedom of releasing insecurity [26:48]

Enjoy where you are, because there will always be more to want [28:17]


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