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May 23, 2018

Mind Pump Media is a podcast that aims to cut through the BS of the fitness industry, and focus on the real life factors that affect our mental and physical health. Hosts Sal, Adam, and Justin chat with Danny and Jill on a range of topics including treating your body with respect, growing your business with integrity, and helping others to make meaningful life changes: raw, real, and unfiltered.







Mind Pump Origin: wanting to change the fitness industry [5:33]

Breaking all the rules of what “should” be discussed [13:32]

Developing a skill and business with value & integrity [18:35]

What makes them stand out in an over-saturated world? [24:46]

Connection between mind and body [39:50]

Tools to help build body objectivity, & escape “unconscious incompetence” [47:32]

Helping people make meaningful changes [1:03:04]

Mind Pump’s Best Life [1:13:04]


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