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Feb 24, 2022

Have we stalked our exes on social media?… We plead the fifth. But hey, it’s completely normal! Almost everyone has a Facebook page at this point, and since it’s so easy, why wouldn’t you stalk an ex? And your exes’ ex. And their ex. And their ex-best friend. And maybe even the ex-best friend’s ex for good measure. As long as it doesn’t take up too much of your brain space, we say, go for it!


Have you ever stalked an ex? [0:46]

Why do we go down the stalking rabbit-hole? [2:09]

Social media made it normal [4:29]

Checking up on your exes and enemies [5:43]

How dare you have a private account?! [9:14]

Plenty of people stalk you, too [11:10]

Being friends with an ex [14:28]

When does it become problematic? [17:49]

Is your past taking up too much brain space? [21:36]


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