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Jul 11, 2018

Life isn’t meant to be stagnant—that is, we aren’t supposed to stop growing once we reach adulthood. Growth is healthy, but sometimes it can cause a rift between us and the people we once surrounded ourselves with. In this episode, Jill and Danny talk about what it means to outgrow people, how to deal with the emotions that come with this experience, and how to keep pushing forwards, rather than holding yourself back from your true potential.


Reasons we outgrow people, & is it for the better? [2:59]

Handling the emotions of “changing seasons” [12:43]

Does this transition need to be communicated? [16:36]

Someone wanting to be close, but you feel you’ve outgrown them [18:42]

What if you feel like you’re outgrowing your romantic partner? [24:59]

What to do if YOU start to feel left behind [32:45]


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