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May 6, 2022

Easter Sunday just passed and it got us thinking about religion. We have our own experiences with religion, but things look a little different for us now. And while we recognize that our experiences are solely our own, we wanted to discuss with you how that has impacted our lives, and our journeys through spirituality and beyond. Religion is nuanced and deeply personal, this is just how WE feel about it all. (Slight content warning for mentions of sexual assault and suicide)


Religion has shaped how we see the world [3:19]

Hypocrisy and polarity within the church [7:26]

A lack of independent thinking or questioning [9:16]

Sexual shame within the church [11:24]

The prison of strict beliefs [17:15]

Nobody knows the absolute truth [19:11]

Why is religion about after-life, not current life? [21:40]

“I’m not religious, but I am spiritual” [24:06]

Manifestation isn’t everything [26:16]

Finding out what is important to you [31:48]

Doing mental gymnastics [36:20]

Getting through loss [40:47]


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