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May 18, 2022

We all know someone who seems to always be going through a crisis. Do bad things happen to some people more than others? And if that’s true, are they manifesting the bad stuff, or is it all perspective? In any case, people rarely do something unless they’re getting something out of it. Sometimes, the victim role is comfortable and familiar. Sometimes, it’s easier to just push through the hard shit and ignore the bad feelings. We think it’s all about perspective, and only you can decide that for yourself.


Do some people manifest bad things? [5:05]

You can choose to laugh about it or cry about it [7:43]

Victim mentality and identity [10:35]

What are you getting out of being a victim? [13:50]

The way our childhood affects us in adulthood [15:40]

Look around at your environment [18:07]

Are you looking for excuses to give up? [20:00]

We could all use a little awareness and perspective [21:56]


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