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May 21, 2022

Life is… hard. There’s no way around it. Every now and again we come to a moment where we have to make a decision for the future, and we get caught up in trying to make the “right” choice. But what even makes a choice right? And if making decisions is just say easy as “listening to our intuition” how do we do that? The idea of making a mistake is terrifying for sure, but what if we said that there are no true mistakes? If you’re out there, struggling to know what to do, we’re right there with you.


Make the hard decision [1:39]

Our relationships bring the most growth opportunities [3:09]

Hesitations with making “mistakes” [5:23]

Both decisions are right [7:02]

Don’t fear the consequences [8:41]

Look for the proof that other people have done it, and survived [10:27]

The sunk-cost fallacy [11:01]

Imagine yourself as the 110-year-old version of yourself [12:38]

Creating an imaginary board of directors [13:42]

What advice would you give your child in this situation? [16:01]


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