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Jul 25, 2018

Cole Hatter has made it his life mission to make a difference. After experiencing some of the lowest blows life can dish out, he built himself up, started dozens upon dozens of businesses, and created a dream life for his family all while making a positive impact on the world. Danny and Jill interview Cole in this episode to ask him the secrets of his business and relationship success, as well as the key to his Best Life.


@colehatter @sonyahatter


Describing Thrive (Cole’s live event) [4:45]

Giving back, no matter your income level [8:31]

Giving money vs Giving time [12:10]

Utility in sharing your good deeds with others [16:17]

How do you choose who to give back to/align yourself with? [18:34]

The tragic events that led Cole to make every minute matter [21:53]

What makes masterminds valuable? [31:04]

Cole and Sonya’s relationship success [36:15]

What do you do to grow together? [48:17]

What is Cole’s Best Life? [53:24]


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