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Oct 6, 2018

Elena Cardone is an actress, business woman, and now author of her book “Build an Empire: How to Have It All.” In this episode, Danny, Jill, and Elena discuss everything it takes to be successful and create your own empire, share the secrets it takes to maintain a healthy relationship, and what it means to be living the Best Life.



Who is Elena Cardone? [3:09]

How did you find new people to pull you through the bad times? [8:47]

What changed your life and put you on your current path? [10:31]

Does becoming a wife mean sacrificing your identity? [17:15]

Elena’s book [23:53]

“Roles” in your relationship & how to define them [28:23]

How do you trust again after being burnt over and over? [32:05]

Holding each other accountable [34:02]

Knowing that you’re always gonna be okay [39:14]

Creating your own empire [43:23]

Creating a positive money mindset [46:00]

Studying personal development [49:32]

Protecting self and family when everyone wants your attention [53:05]

Elena’s Best Life [56:33]


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