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Nov 6, 2018

Sometimes our to-do lists get so long that it feels like the only option is just to crawl back into bed and ignore it all completely. But putting things off only makes the list get longer, and our anxiety worsens. In this episode, Danny and Jill talk about how to re-evaluate our priorities and get the motivation we need to check things off our lists. After all, when we get everything done, we have even more time to live the Best Life.


Establishing your first priority & right answers for different times [3:04]

Balancing the stuff we HAVE to do versus stuff we WANT to do [4:53]

Planning out your priorities before the week begins [7:57]

Getting a quick win from a place of overwhelm [10:48]

Being okay when the ball gets dropped [13:55]

Knowing the reasons we need to do our obligations [14:57]

Do it, delegate it, or delete it [18:08]

Anchor actions to get into your power [20:23]

Why do things get stuck on our to-do lists & tackling large tasks [22:55]

Do the the next, most-pressing thing [26:24]


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