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Nov 7, 2018

“I can’t sell my personal brand online because my life is uninteresting!” Danny J and Jill disagree—EVERYONE can be interesting! Our own lives may seem mundane to us, but to an outside observer, there are plenty of things that set us apart from the crowd. By honing in on these “knowable” things about us and going all-in on what makes us unique, anyone can have a personality that keeps people asking for more.


Curating interesting things about you [4:41]

Amplifying something that already exists about you: your “knowables” [7:48]

If you want to be interesting, be interestED [9:43]

Relatability and familiarity breed trust [11:43]

If you decide it’s interesting, others will too [17:14]

Doubling-down on your brand and going all-in [18:51]

Power, presence, and warmth: finding your charisma [22:16]

Using story to boost your credibility [24:44]

Be specific, don’t be afraid to let them see you sweat [27:20]


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