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Nov 14, 2018

It is human nature to want to be liked, but it’s also fact that not every person in our lives is going to like us. So how do we walk the line of having as many people like us as possible, while still being okay when some of them don’t? Jill and her younger brother Danny Coleman chat in this episode about authenticity, social agility, personal connection, and fear of judgement. There’s something for everyone to learn: whether your goal is to sell your personal brand online or just forge stronger relationships in your daily life.




Balance between changing yourself to be liked and “bomb-dropping” authenticity [5:02]

True connections happen with social agility: responsiveness, recognition, “real” piece [8:42]

When you’re scared your authenticity scares people off [12:42]

What do you do when your fears of judgement are true? [18:43]

Being upset by an unfollow—what are the rules of being hurt? [22:55]

Danny Coleman’s practice for personal connection [25:06]

Managing your feelings when someone doesn’t like you [26:37]

No one would care if you weren’t making moves [31:50]


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