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Nov 22, 2018

In this week’s episode of The Best Life Podcast, Danny and Jill sit down with wellness expert Sierra Nielsen. After the tragic loss of her mother, Sierra made it her mission to help others create happiness and achieve true self love, so that everyone can live a life they’ve always dreamed of, and on their own terms. The first step towards a meaningful life is understanding our own identity: how it helps us, how it hinders us, and how to truly honor it.


Sierra’s beginning in the Wellness Industry & beginning with self-love [1:20]

The negative judgements that held Sierra back [4:30]

The process of building a new identity & questioning old beliefs [7:26]

Identifying a piece of us, without letting it define us [11:29]

Cultivating self-worth outside of what you think you “are” [15:07]

How to love yourself for yourself, not for the things you do [16:41]

Avoiding martyr complexes [19:17]

What would you say to someone in the midst of an identity crisis? [21:55]

Having an identity crisis while under the microscope of social media [23:43]

Authenticity keeping you loving it, even if no one else does [30:58]

Advice for someone who wants to live more in-line with what they really want [36:07]

Staying for something because we’ve already put in the time [45:32]

Summary of what identity really is [48:49]


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