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Dec 19, 2018

The holidays have come around once again, and with them comes pressure: the pressure to be around family, to see people you wouldn’t normally want to see, explain all your life choices to judgmental ears, and on top of it all, to spend tons of money on gifts you normally wouldn’t buy. Hangovers are abundant this time of year, and not just the kind you get from drinking a little too much. Danny J talks about social and financial hangovers, and gives a few tips to help you manage them as the end of the year approaches.


Social hangovers from holiday parties and expectations [7:35]

Allowing yourself to have social “seasons”: slow down, and recuperate [11:22]

Setting up boundaries, even when you need to see people [14:16]

How to manage a financial hangover after crazy spending [17:00]

Clear your physical space to make room for the new year [22:12]


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