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Feb 19, 2019

When we surround ourselves with groups of people, we often want those friends to share in the same morals and sets of values that we have, but what happens if someone starts living or thinking in a way you don’t agree with? Is it our job to “police” our friends? How can we reconcile our want to trust with our need to control? Danny and Jill discuss this “policing” and whether or not it’s really in our best interest to control our peers’ actions.


Being policed by friends and peers: what IS integrity? [7:19]

Integrity is subjective [11:23]

The danger of deciding YOUR truth is THE truth [13:47]

Having empathy when other people make mistakes [16:54]

To what degree are you trying to control other people? [21:45]

Trust vs control [25:53]

Self-righteousness and lack of empathy [30:13]

Having standards for your friends [32:07]

Is the way you do one thing the way you do everything? [34:45]


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