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Feb 21, 2019

This week, Jill and Danny J have ventured far out of their comfort zones to experience something unexpected and mind-bending. After 5 days of trying ancient hallucinogenic plant medicine, ayahuasca, at the Rythmia Retreat in Costa Rica, the girls have come away with some deeper knowledge and understanding to share with us today. Get ready for a crazy trip!

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What is ayahuasca? History and physical effects [3:53]

Spirit vs science [5:11]

“20 years of therapy in a day” [6:36]

What the retreat is actually like [11:33]

Setting intentions and the physical effects on the first night [17:59]

Feelings in the morning after [28:51]

Deciding whether or not to go the second night [31:28]

The emotional second night [37:30]

Giving up control [54:56]

The final ceremony [1:12:40]

Subconscious aligning with conscious and finding meaning [1:23:58]

Breath work and heightened emotional states [1:29:55]

Would you recommend, and if so, for who? [1:36:19]

Would you do it again? [1:41:48]


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