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Feb 25, 2019

Danny and Jill sit down with the owner of Rhythmia Retreat, Gerry Powell, to discover how one man on a path of total self-destruction could unlock the secrets within himself that saved his life. Gerry talks about the darkness in his past, his stumbling on to ayahuasca, and how a conversation with the moon changed everything. At Rhythmia Retreat, redemption and inner peace is possible for anyone.

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Gerry’s background [1:41]

Realizing he wanted to change [8:13]

Going to rehab, relapse, and finding ayahuasca [11:45]

How Gerry’s life changed after his first experience in Costa Rica [19:05]

Reconciling religion with the taking of ayahuasca [23:16]

Immediately knowing the answer to your questions [26:49]

Who can benefit from ayahuasca? [28:14]

What do you say to skeptics? [30:13]

Redemption is possible for anyone [37:31]

What Gerry’s Best Life looks like [41:08]


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