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Feb 28, 2019

We’ve heard first hand experience from Danny and Jill, and we’ve heard about Gerry’s life-changing discovery of ayahuasca, but is there any science to prove that this plant medicine makes an actual difference to mental health? Dr. Jeff of the Rhythmia Life Advancement center breaks down the physical process of what happens when we take ayahuasca, and how even though it iss a new cultural experience for most of us, we can all stand to benefit from the lessons it teaches. for YouTube Videos

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Successes and failures with addiction recovery [1:34]

Working only with Gerry [4:37]

Jeff’s first ayahuasca experience [12:07]

Seeing clinical benefits from the medicine [15:55]

Biological effects and how it can help process trauma  [19:01]

Is there a group of people you would NOT recommend this for? [26:38]

Could you benefit even if you don’t have something “wrong” with you? [28:11]

Insight into the process and understanding the culture [31:53]


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