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Mar 6, 2019

Christian Minson is a former monk and Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator whose life purpose it is to help others connect with their higher selves through breathwork. Danny and Jill speak with Christian about what makes this technique different from regular breathing, and how we take something automatic as breathing for granted. Oxygen is energy and life, and if we learn to harness it, we can connect to ourselves on a deeper level.

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[2:09] What is breath work, and what kinds exist?

[4:19] Isn’t breathing JUST breathing? What makes breathwork better for us?

[8:38] How Christian found breathwork

[13:04] How did becoming a monk change you?

[16:02] Growing up in a military family

[17:57] Benefitting from breathwork/ tools to help people

[21:36] Goals, intentions, and emotional responses

[27:03] The physiological reaction

[31:38] How can an average person gain the benefits from breath work

[40:03] Christian’s Best Life


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