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Mar 22, 2019

Mika Perry is an entrepreneur, podcast host, wife, mother of 3, and an all-around Girl Boss. But just like Danny and Jill, success within your business doesn’t always spell out success within your marriage. In this episode, Mika shares the story of her husband’s affair, and how time and hard work are two of the most important ingredients in the recipe to healing.



Mika’s story [2:03]

Getting in to the online space and building connections [6:41]

How social media can affect personal relationships and family [9:29]

An extra-marital affair [15:41]

The emotions the moment you find out & the stages of grief [19:40]

Where did the blame go? [25:33]

Asking why? [27:41]

Working on complete forgiveness [29:51]

Wanting revenge [37:30]

Jumping in to personal development [40:29]

Do you still face triggers? [45:12]

Launching the podcast, and choosing to go public with the affair [49:45]

Being glad that it happened [51:57]

What does Mika’s Best Life look like? [54:54]


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