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Mar 27, 2019

In this episode, Danny and Jill discuss a listener’s question on whether or not women staying silent is a part of the problem when men have affairs. Is it a woman’s job to speak out? Should all girls have each others’ backs? Is it an influencer’s duty to call others out when there is deceit going on? The girls discuss all these things and find that ultimately, trust is the answer—be it in your partner, in other women, and ultimately in yourself.


When is it a woman’s job to speak out? [2:32]

Having to draw the line between what’s your business, and what’s not [6:04]

Knowing when & how to tell strangers [8:40]

It isn’t the other woman’s fault: there are 2 participants in affairs [10:33]

We don’t know what’s being told on the other side [14:37]

Is staying silent being complicit? [15:40]

For some, ignorance is bliss [19:04]

“I trust him, but not other women” [20:48]

Trusting YOURSELF to handle anything that comes your way [22:46]

The “influencer” aspect[24:56]


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