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Apr 16, 2019

Sultry, sassy, and sexy: Danny, Jill, and their guest Renelle Nelson, talk about what goes on behind closed doors (and under the covers) in every relationship. Renelle is an infidelity recovery specialist and certified sex therapist; with her experience in helping couples recover from affairs, she answers every burning question Jill and Danny have to ask. Relationships are built of conversations, and if you want to know how sex can affect yours, there is no better conversation to listen to than this one.





Strategies on how to choose “me before we” [2:28]

Subconsciously checking out of relationships and shining a light on infidelity [5:21]

How to start a conversation about honesty: Check-ins and State of the Unions [9:24]

Coaching couples when there is love on both sides of the affair [14:04]

Repairing the relationship in the bedroom: putting your needs first [16:40]

Porn’s role in a sexual relationship [19:30]

Advising couples with different sex drives or needs [22:12]

Projection and learning betrayal [29:19]

Will a relationship survive or fail after an affair? [31:18]

Benefits of pre-marital counseling [34:41]

The rise of emotional affairs and their glamorization [37:56]

How can women take charge in our own sex lives? [43:03]

Non-monogamous relationships [49:46]


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