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Apr 24, 2019

Dr. Jillian Teta is a physician with a sticky area of expertise: poop. After realizing that our digestive health is often linked to our emotional health, Jillian made it her mission to help people better understand how everything in our bodies is interconnected. Chats about societal pressures on women, a wild birthday trip in Vegas, and how to have honest communication are all things to look forward to in this hilarious episode; after all, laughter is the best medicine (unless you have diarrhea, of course)!




A little bit about Dr. Jill [2:17]

Shame and fear of criticism can never win [3:37]

Getting pigeon-holed into only one area of our lives [9:09]

Women’s default to taking problems on and taking them personally [11:59]

Holistic view of health as a fitness competitor [14:44]

Getting into digestive health, and digestive issues caused my emotional distress [19:28]

A wild week in Vegas [25:59]

Setting up “rules” in a relationship: how to start communicating openly [36:15]

Practicing vulnerability and being okay with the outcome [46:15]

Betrayal of self vs. healthily navigating social situations [49:22]


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