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Apr 26, 2019

Shanté Cofield spent 2 years in a dead-end job before she couldn’t take it any more—something had to change. Instead of sitting behind a desk, she took control and built an online business by prioritizing connection and utilizing her unique talents. Whether you’re a healthcare professional wanting to branch out, or someone who has a dream of making a greater impact in the world, this episode is full of advice and techniques to use to elevate your professional life.




Shanté’s story: wanting more and finding freedom through RockTape [2:01]

How to start building an online profession in a healthcare profession [9:29]

Movement practitioners moving out from behind the desk [13:57]

Learning to value your time, but build relationships first [16:45]

How do you make yourself stand out as an online coach? [18:15]

Keep doing the damn thing—authenticity as a practice [21:32]

Knowing what you DON’T want, and what you’ve done before—then lead with positives [25:45]

Tools and techniques for when you need to get out ASAP [27:35]

Building community: there is strength in numbers [32:46]

Shanté’s Best Life: make today better than your dreams [39:09]


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