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May 3, 2019

What would you do if you weren’t afraid of anything? What if you could do that thing anyway, even in the face of fear? Fearlessness might be a great ideal, but for most of us it just isn’t possible. If we stopped every time we were scared of something, a lot of us would be living the same boring lives without any opportunity for growth. Danny J shares her tips for dealing with worry, so we can learn to feel the fear, but keep going through it all.


Wanting to eliminate of fear, and learning to harness it [1:57]

Leaning in to fear to help us grow [5:02]

Focusing on what you CAN control [6:48]

Staying present at all times [9:40]

Will this even matter 10 years from now? [12:00]

WWOD? [13:09]

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable [17:00]


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