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Jul 10, 2019

Let’s face it: getting older is a total mind-fuck. Even though our minds feel youthful, our bodies tell a different story. Society says our value is determined by how young we look, and even though we know it’s complete bullshit, we can’t help but pinch and prod at the wrinkles. Danny J and Jill talk about aging, and how we can’t rely on the outer work to make us happy without doing the inner work.


Expectations set by our past selves [1:20]

Navigating no-mans land: living a life no one has set a precedent for [5:14]

The mind-fuck of wanting to look “youthful” and keep our value based on looks [9:09]

Fillers, botox, and plastic surgery [14:11]

Is getting work done bowing down to cultural standards of beauty? [17:34]

Who are you doing it for? [20:52]

Residual trauma of rejection [23:43]

Morality vs. Self-Esteem, but Autonomy above all [26:35]

Do we need to be honest about work we’ve had done? [31:52]

Doing what makes you feel good [35:59]

Can you be addicted to altering yourself? [38:24]


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