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Jul 17, 2019

Now that its summer, everyone is in vacation-mode. But without rigid and dependable structure, it can often be paralyzing to keep making positive choices for ourselves. Whether your instinct is to lean in to your disciplined routine, or to let everything go entirely, there is often a happier, healthier middle ground. Jill and Danny share their routines and tips for living their best, most balanced life while traveling.


Using “discipline” as a crutch [2:52]

Seeing everything in black-and-white [6:44]

Balancing your food, exercise, and work on “vacation” [9:18]

Surfing the disappointment [12:25]

Listen to your body’s hunger cues over arbitrary rules [14:55]

Allowing yourself to enjoy your experiences [18:57]

What we do on vacation [20:46]

Putting too much importance on every single decision [23:28]

Strategizing food and exercise while on a road trip [24:47]

How to work while traveling [28:30]

Honoring the ebbs and flows of your business and your life [36:12]


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